COVID-19 operating protocol

Dear Guests!

Let us inform you about the up-to-date Hungarian regulations related to travel and tourism.

Although circumstances have changed, our slogan has remained the same:

„Enjoy the hospitality!”

Our most important and everlasting mission remains the genuine care of our guests, which we are now implementing in response to the changed situation, with a stricter safety measures than before. 

Current restrictions in Hungary:

  • Face masks are no longer mandatory, with the exception of hospitals and the premises of social institutions. However, anyone can wear a face mask if they choose to.
  • Immunity certificates are no longer required at restaurants, accommodations, recreational facilities, cultural events, and performances with pre-booked seats.
  • In stores, maintaining distance and limiting the number of customers is no longer required.
  • The number of participants allowed at private and family events has been increased from 50 to 100, and from 200 to 400 for weddings.
  • For sports, music, and dance events, as well as indoor or outdoor events with more than 500 participants, the previous regulations (restriction on the number of participants, the requirement of immunity cards) remain in force. Minors are only allowed to attend these events with a valid immunity certificate or under the supervision of a protected person.

1. The European Immunity Certificate (from the 1st of July 2021):

Citizens who are already vaccinated and planning to travel within the EU are advised to download the digital document of the European Immunity Certificate which comes in a standard format across the EU and includes a QR code. The certificate is made available by the individual countries but it is valid in all EU countries. Similarly to all other EU countries, Hungary is offering free entry to immunity certificate holders from all EU countries. All vaccinated persons are eligible to receive the EU immunity certificate regardless of the type of vaccine used but member states have the right to decide which vaccines they accept and how many days must pass after the vaccination date. The immunity certificates are also available to persons who have recovered from Covid infection and can show PCR or antigen test results from the past 15-180 days. You can download the EU Digital COVID Certificate Factsheet on the following webpage: .

2. Some other countries Hungary has an agreement with:

Citizens of these certain countries can enter Hungary in case they have an immunity certificate that is accaptable by our country.

You can find all the immunity certificate samples accepted by Hungary on the following webpage: .

Please note that the list is continuously expanding.

3. Business purposes:

Business visit is allowed without any restricion, however, when crossing the borders, guests shall certify in a private document representing conclusive evidence (signed on behalf of the company) that the entry is to take place for a business or economic purposes, also indicating the specific reason for the entry.

 For more information:

In addition:

4. The European Truck Racing Championship on June 12-13, the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix from July 30 to August 1, and the FIA WTCR World Touring Car Cup on August 21-22:

Foreigners will be able to visit these three international car races this summer with a negative COVID test performed within 72 hours. According to the latest decree, any non-Hungarian citizen with a valid ticket for any of these races will not be obliged to leave the country within 72 hours after entering Hungary, and will be regarded as an immunity certificate holder when visiting events, hotels, restaurants and leisure venues.

Please be aware that regulations can change in a very short notice, these informations can be outdated from one day to another, so please keep being informed through official government websites.
Government website 

Kind regards,

Vezekényi Péter

General Manager