Terms & Conditions

Room Rates Conditions

  • Prices are quoted in EURO including buffet breakfast, VAT and internet access in the room, excluding 4% City Tax and parking fee.
  • Prices have been constructed in accordance with the law and follow the current legislative changes.
  • Euro (EUR) prices are converted into Hungarian Forint (HUF) by the daily Central Bank exchange rate. (Changes daily)
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice



  • Check-in after 14:00
  • Early arrival only on request, upon availability




  • Check-out until 10:00
  • If late check-out is required 40 EUR per room surcharge will be applied until 6pm, after 6pm full negotiated room rate will be charged



  • Prior reservation is required
  • Heavier than 2 tones and cars with gas are not allowed
  • € 20 / night




  • Request in advance is necessary
  • Pets in our Restaurant are not allowed
  • € 10 / night, without care




  • Credit card guarantee is required for every booking, unless a bank transfer is paid in advance
  • Reservation can be done by writing.
  • Written confirmation is required for each booking, we send a confirmation to the guests
  • Arrival guests always require a credit card for each room (if the room is paid, used for additional charges). Also, an option for cash deposit (€ 30/stay), to be returned upon departure


Payment conditions


  • ONLINE BOOKING: Room rate which is expressed in EURO is calculated in Hungarian local currency, Forint (HUF), on payment date using current exchange rate. So, payment is done at the time of booking, in Hungarian currency and the credit card will be charged the total amount of the booking according to the policy of transactions charged abroad.
  • The Hotel absolutely and unconditionally respects privacy, personal data will remain private. Personal data submitted during the process of registration/ reservation shall not be given to a third party. i.e. it shall not be ceded, sold or leased in any way. The online payment information operates under the international credit card security rules and the payment is made directly to the Bank. Credit card, account details, number and expiration date does not gain any form of possession or access.


Cancellation policy


  • Reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to arrival to avoid cancellation fee. Any cancellation later than 24 hours is subject to a 1night cancellation fee.
  • Special rates, if applicable, are non-refundable and non-cancellable according to hotel policy. Please check Rate Rules for restrictions applied to the rate.


Child policy


  • Full fee-paying parents staying in one room, sharing double beds with their children under 6 years  are free of charge.

Unfortunately due to the specific design of our room we are unable to fit it with an extra bed other than a small baby bed.

For more information or to book please contact us:

Tel.: +36 1 920 2100
Fax: +36 1 920 2122


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